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Santa Custom Voicemails $50.00

santa calling

If you would like to receive a custom message from Santa for your child:

  • Please fill out the form below
  • Include as much detail as possible so your kids know it's from Santa himself!
Custom voicemails from Santa are $50. You can pay via PayPal link below. Santa must receive payment before recording message.
You can submit a request for a message until December 21st. All messages will be emailed to you by Christmas Eve. ​ Each voice-mail is one of a kind and created specially for you child. Messages will be at least 30 seconds long and will be filled with as much detail as you can provide.

Guidelines for Messages From Santa

Santa will try his best to convey the message you request, but please keep in mind that he always tries to keep things positive – he does represent the “Spirit of Christmas” after all!

Please keep this in mind if you have any specific requests for things for Santa to say. For example: “be sure to treat your little sister nicely” is better than to say “stop hitting your little sister.” “Be kind to Rascal by making sure he has food and water so you can be on Santa’s ‘Nice List’” is better than “if you continue to forget to feed Rascal, you won’t get any presents from Santa!”

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